Keep Moving Forward

written by Andie

Our studio is blowing up!  (And in a very good way.)

We’ve put our heads together at By The Glass Productions to make some decisions that are only going to benefit our film, video, and commercial photography clients, our portrait photography customers, and our sanity.

When businesses grow, they often change and sharpen their focus.  In order to keep moving forward with our vision and mission?  We’ve done just that.

For nearly a decade, Tara Jones has been taking care of Bedford when it comes to family and event photography.  She provides excellent quality work, and her customers are extremely loyal.  She has created or made significant contributions to a number of community events, including Bedford Gallery Walk, Friday Night Lights, and Bloomington’s Trashion Refashion.

With commercial video and branding clients arriving on our scene daily – including a feature documentary in production and another narrative feature in development – managing both portrait photography and film, video, commercial photography, web design, grantwriting, and feature production has proven to be too challenging.

So why fix what was never broken?  And why break something that is pretty perfect?

We have a better solution.

By The Glass Productions is pleased to announce the relaunch of Tara’s brand, Exposure Arts.

While we’ll still be making movies and working hard to help our business clients tell their stories, Tara will be managing all of the family, wedding, event, underwater, and senior portrait photography, adding her own innovative spin on a great art form.

Exposure Arts deserves to happen.  Bedford is a better place with Tara Jones in it.  She is an exceptional public servant with a commitment to our community’s well being and growth.  And she still makes Wonder Woman look lazy.

You can reach Tara at Exposure Arts at (812) 219-0770.  And if you are one of our existing portrait customers?  No worries.  We’ll make this transition seamless for you.  We’ll continue to house your portraits online, just as we do for our corporate clients.

So another woman-owned and operated business for Bedford?  Yes, please!

Looking forward to working alongside Tara Jones and her band of sisters for many, many years to come!