Meet Reverend Hollywood.

written by Andie

"I love the movies.  I love making movies.  I love the people who make movies." - Tim Jackson


Mr. Tim Jackson is good people.

First of all, he has a bowlful of chocolate in his office in Little Rock.

This is how you know you can trust a person.

Second?  He loves Hank Williams.  So he produced a feature about him called The Last Ride with some folks you might have heard of.

And third?  He’s taken a shine to By The Glass.

And we’re pretty pleased about it.

Tim’s a class act.  A gentleman through and through.  And he’s a trove of knowledge about the film industry past, present, and future.

We think he’s a visionary.  And we like the way he rides.

Had the opportunity to attend a screenwriting class with Gordy Hoffman (Love Liza) in Tim’s Category One Studio recently.

We can’t say much at present.  But in short?  The event was life-changing for this company.

We’re looking forward to sharing our work with the good Reverend for many years to come.