Meet The Marine.

written by Andie

Director and CinematographerFor the past five years, we’ve had the very good fortune of working with director and cinematographer, Storme Wood.

Storme currently lives in Oklahoma City, but he has some good strong family roots here in Indiana on his mother’s side.  A Marine veteran, Storme views his film crew as his unit.  He demands excellence, but he’ll give more than he takes.

Which is why we all love working with him.

I’ve had the good fortune of producing a number of corporate pieces with Storme, including We Are Bedford, the video that helped Bedford get an Indiana Stellar Communities grant.

Additionally, our first narrative feature ‘Paradise Recovered’ was directed by Storme Wood.  We received a number of awards for Best Picture and Best Screenplay at a number of film festivals across the country.   You can find ‘Paradise Recovered’ on Amazon or at Netflix.

We continue to collaborate with Storme on a number of corporate projects.  And there may or may not be another big project that we are holding under our hats together at present.

It takes a village to make a movie.  Storme Wood’s about the best village chieftain you can imagine.